Better Your Chances


September 28, 2022

#PantryCooking #ShelfCooking #PrepperMeals HELLO FRIENDS, HAPPY SATURDAY!šŸ„° Today I’m showing you three quick and easy shelf stable prepper meals that I made in my home kitchen! Come along as I show you three delicious recipes! These videos focus on cooking meals from shelf stable ingredients. My goal for this series is to share meals with…

Minecraft Log Cabin (Survival Starter House) – 15 Minute Build Challenge

September 27, 2022

#Minecraft #Log #Cabin Survival Starter House I have always thought about making a log cabin in Minecraft but have also been a bit stumped how to go about making one. That is why I had a moment of panic when a view in my Twitch stream challenged me to make a log cabin as part…

The Kilted Prepper – Long Swords For Home Defense

September 27, 2022

In this episode we are going to be talking about Long Swords For Home Defense. I have a number of swords that I present and talk about the pros and cons that you have to think about when using a sword for home defense. View original video here