Advanced prepping is the second component of my FAST Cooking System (Flavor chasing, Advanced prepping, Stir-frying, and Template-based cooking). This aspect has often been a limiting factor, because prepping is not the most interesting activity for most people.

However, the time in prepping is time well spent. As the saying goes: “prep once, eat healthy for the rest of the week.” In this video, I will provide tips and suggestions to make prepping more effective and conducive. In order to maximize the time spent in prepping, several guidelines are important to consider and to follow. The most important is to develop a good storage system appropriate for your home kitchen and refrigerator. Such a system is not only important to maximize your available space but also to keep track of your prep ingredients to utilize them in timely manner.

Another important consideration is to develop strategy in making prepping into a habit and incorporating it into your weekly routines. In this video, I have provided several strategies to help you to embrace prepping as your lifestyle.

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