In this series, we will build a permanent bushcraft basecamp starting with the shelter. The shelter is a mix between a Teepee, a Wickiup and a Swedish Kåta with my own touch on it. It is located in Western Värmland in Sweden on a friend’s land in the middle of the woods.

This is the first part of the build and you will see me and Freja (the dog) start the build on the shelter. In the next episode, Robin will join with his two dogs (Bruno and Rolo) and we will finish the build of this awesome bushcraft shelter.

We have loads of plans for this bushcraft basecamp in the future. The shelter will get a door and raised beds, we will build an outdoor kitchen for Robin’s cooking, we might plant some edibles outside of the shelter and much more.

This place will be our second home from where we will start many trips in the future. My plan is also to bring some of my subscribers to this place on our first day in the woods to do some planning and teach them the basics of survival before heading out further into the bush.

Thank you to the @The Last Boy Scouts ( ) for the merchandise and for your awesomeness!

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If you have any questions about me, my gear or anything else, just ask in the comment section below.

I’m happy to receive feedback and I will do what I can to improve my videos. Please do this in the comment section as well.

I hope that you enjoy watching this video and all the videos to come. Take care my friends, stay safe and healthy!


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