Can you use pepper spray in a windy area without hurting yourself? What if you are using a stun gun on an attacker and they grab your shoulder…Are you going to get shocked? We put self-defense weapons to the test in this week’s video.

For this week’s Weapons Wednesday, I wanted to address some of the common concerns with self-defense weapons.

1) How easily will an expandable baton break if you strike it against a hard surface?

2) Are plastic self-defense keychains easy to break?

3) If I use a stun gun to defend myself and my attacker touches me, will I get shocked as well?

4) Are personal alarms worth using? Wouldn’t it be easier just to scream?

5) Can I spray pepper spray in a windy environment without it spraying back in my face?

We answered these questions in this week’s video.

Here are the weapons I tested in this video:

1) Spring-Loaded Expandable Baton:

2) Black Extendable Baton Keychain:

3) Slim Grip Knuckle Duster:

4) Black Plastic Knuckle Duster:

5) White Skull Spiked Keychain:

6) Umbrella Disguised Stun Gun:

7) Hidden Lipstick Alarm:

8) Personal Alarm Keychain:

9) Self-Defense Pepper Spray:

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0:00 Intro
0:38 Do Telescoping Batons Bend Easily?
4:56 Slim-Grip Knuckle Duster
5:30 Will Plastic Self-Defense Weapons Break?
8:54 Umbrella Disguised Stun Gun
10:18 Can you shock yourself with a stun gun?
12:14 Are Personal Alarm Keychains Effective?
16:12 Can Pepper Spray Blow Back in my Face?

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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