In this video, Shayne from Standard Manufacturing talks about the best 22 Magnum for Self Defense.

As the saying goes, big things come in small packages and once again Standard Manufacturing has delivered. New for 2021, introducing the all-new Switch Gun, a folding revolver chambered in the venerable 22 Mag, the size of a credit card. The Switch Gun is the solution for a reliable CCW that folds easily into your pocket without printing and doesn’t require multiple holsters to incorporate into your EDC. It features a 5 round capacity, stainless steel construction, comfortable polymer grip and an easy to use switch for quick deployment. The 22 Magnum has been around since 1959 and for many, is still the go-to rimfire round. In recent years, the 22 WMR has begun to develop a strong following in the self-defense market for its lightweight, low recoil, and effective ballistics. An ideal self-defense gun for men and women, whether you’re working around the house, out for a run, or out with the girls, simply put the Switch Gun into your pocket and never worry about how to carry your firearm again.


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