In this 2nd installment of our series, we join Sarim the Sage, Branden David EL, and others, in the Georgia outdoors as they discuss whats in a BUG OUT BAG, tactics, tips, and tricks on being best prepared for calamity in your world.

Pack list suggestions
-Hatchet/ mini axe
-Water purification tablets
-Road maps/ Atlas
-Sleeping bag
-Eating Utensils
-Change of Clothing/Socks
-Unscented Baby Wipes
-Carry What You Carry
-Wear Boots/Hiking shoes
-Long Sleeves
-Water Parka
-Emergency Blanket
-Snake Bite Kit
-Field-dressing guide
-Plant and fungus identification pamphlets
-Fishing wire
-First-Aid Kit
-Cooking kit
-Fire starters
-Firearm ammo

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