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When will this new Lidl open and will it have enough food delivered or will it have empty shelves for the grand opening?

I found the LOWEST gas prices at the new QuikTrip and…

Make Sure You Buy These Now Before They Are All Gone! & REAL FOOD SHORTAGE UPDATE!

*Toilet paper
*Duct tape
*Plastic bags
*For the ladies – tampons, pads, diva cup
*Iodized salt
*Twine/nylon rope/manila rope

PSA: Women shopping alone must be careful and monitor their surroundings. Keep your purse and pocket books on you at all times, lock your car doors and make sure strange men aren’t following you. During times of panic and chaos some people can get desperate and stop thinking clearly. DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM. Be aware of your surroundings and take the necessary precautions and actions to protect yourself.

#shtf #foodshortages #emptyshelves

~ Lodge Cast Iron Griddle:
~ Kwik Cut Biscuit Cutter:
~ Quail Egg Scissors:
~ Energy Bomb:
~ All American 921 Canner:
~ Fight Bac:

Items currently on sale through Amazon. Buy them while you still can!


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