Jeff has told us a lot about using a handgun or a rifle for personal defense. But there’s another highly effective, versatile firearm: the shotgun. Shotguns are configured for many different activities, including self-defense, hunting, trap shooting, skeet shooting, and other clay bird competitions. When you buy a shotgun, you should first define what you intend to use it for. The good news is many good-quality shotguns are very affordable. A shotgun also tends to be easy to shoot, due in part to the vast array accessories on the market. There’s also a huge variety of shotgun ammo to choose from, so you can easily find a load that suits your needs. Shotguns offer a high degree of lethality – an important consideration for a self-defense gun. If you live in a place with restrictive firearm ownership laws, a shotgun may be the only type of personal defense gun you CAN own.

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