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Dealing with a crackhead on the streets is a dangerous circumstance. Would you know how to react? What if he abruptly decides to attack you…what would you do?

In this video clip, we show you how to position yourself and how to transition from one stance to another in order to stay safe at all times.

As you will see, the solution to such a situation is variable; your next move will depend on how close and how threatening the crackhead is to you. One thing is for sure though; you will need to adopt the correct fighting stance to face him.

You also need to be able to transition the right way by using your footwork skills. This is a crucial element to your personal protection.

We dedicated two complete instructional videos on these topics. They are certainly worth checking out if you want to stay safe in the streets:

Fighting Stances

Footwork Principles

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Stay safe,

Nick Drossos and Patrick Viana
Code Red Defense


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