After discovering the Black Book and learning my true purpose on the server, I set out to build an automatic melon & pumpkin farm, as well as a multi-level villager trading hall. I later meet up with some other Gardeners to fight the Ender Dragon, then take a tour of Jack & Leigh’s base with my “divine eye” (known as “RTX” among the non-believers).

There’s supposed to be dramatic music during the Black Book sequence but you can’t really hear it without headphones :/

Music Credits:
“Near Danger” by Guilherme Bernardes
“SP71” by Electronic-Senses

Garden of Jade is a private server of 32 adults from all over the world who play together across multiple platforms including XBOX, PS4, PC, iPad, and Switch. Currently the only other member of the server who is producing videos is Eliana Riqma:

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