He doesn’t plan, he doesn’t stockpile copious amounts of ammo, but he’s one of the most prepared people in the world. When you work daily on and develop primitive skills like Clay Hayes, you’re always prepared. This guy won season 8 of the Alone TV competition, and I’m sure would win the game of life if everything we know about society changed in an instant. Tune in to get Clay’s take on preparedness.

00:00 – Intro
4:12 – Clay’s view on Prepping
7:43 – Canning
11:16 – Gear vs Skills
18:18 – Learning New Skills
30:50 – Necessary Skills
42:39 – Bug out Bag
48:48 – Having Multiple Strategies
51:28 – Learn new Skills (cont.)
53:48 – Importance of Community
58:30 – Learn new Skills (cont.)
59:51 – What Weapon would Clay Use?
1:03:28 – Fishing, Food, and Preservation
1:11:23 – Water and Filtration
1:20:24 – Closing Thoughts

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