Pizza is probably not the first meal that comes to mind when you think about budget-friendly foods. Did you know that you can make fresh dough to make either two 12-inch thin-crust pizzas or one 12-inch thick-crust pizza once a week for only $12 a year? Add some inexpensive toppings and you are the family hero.

In this video, we show you how we make great pizzas and talk about some fun ways to make dessert pizzas, bread sticks, and even cinnamon sticks.

You can find my recipe at

I promised you a link for a Zojirushi Breadmaker. If you want to bake using basic ingredients and don’t have much time, this just might be the answer.

My favorite bread mixer ever is the Bosch Bread Mixer. Full disclosure, I’m not a fan of the blender attachment but I LOVE the bread mixer!

We lived off our garden produce and food storage for 3 months. We discovered some great tips about living without going to the store. Check out the playlist of our journey and what we learned.

You gotta see this video where we make pizza using freeze-dried cheese.

If you are interested in purchasing a freeze dryer or need supplies, use the link We make a small affiliate fee that helps to support our channel with every sale.

Thanks for being part of the solution!

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