How to Build Organic Permaculture Gardening Beds, Market Gardening, Offgrid Family Farm Homestead.

Part 1 Permaculture Terraced Organic Garden Bed. Chicken Tractor mob Grazing. Offgrid Family Farm Homestead

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Prepper Challenge Series:

Wilderness Survival. First Thing to do if you Lost or Spooked in the Deep Woods. Walking Stick Uses

Best Advice for Beginners for Foraging, Survival, Plant Lore, Learn Uses of Plants you Already Know. This will encourage them to learn even more, and teach them how to learn about Plants they don’t know.

How to make a Strong, Free Standing Cattle Panel Paddock for Goats, Cows, Dogs, Pigs. Animal Cage

In this video I take you on a walk around the homestead pointing out useful plants and Funguses. I encounter lots of Wildlife like The Spinybacked Orb Weaver, Crab Spider, Golden Crown, Amphibians and Reptiles. I forage Chanterelles and Oyster Mushrooms. We take a look at the farm Animals. Finishing it all up with Chanterelle Stuffed Chicken Breasts over an open Fire.

Full Homestead Video
In this video we show the step by step process My children and I used to build our Off-grid Sustainable Homestead with Solar power in under a month.

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Campfire Cooking, Steak and Cabbage using 3 Pole System. Off-grid Sustainable Homestead in the Woods

In this video I show my EDC Fishing Kit. I spent about an hour Fishing for Bass, Brim, Catfish with Artificial Baits. Fishing is an important Survival skill. If you are Prepping consider preparing your skills for what is to come. Fish is a Sustainable long term food source. Thanks for watching and check out some of our other videos. Like Share and Subscribe.

In this video I show you how to make the Most cost effective way to make battery bars, Jumper Cables for battery banks.

Campfire Cooking, Steak and Cabbage using 3 Pole System. Off-grid Sustainable Homestead in the Woods

How to Dutch Oven Tip. Off-grid Campfire Cooking. Multi Tool. Living Off the Land. Survival, SHTF

In this video I show how to make beautiful reverse wrap cordage several times with different thicknesses, using natural fiber. Arguably, the most underrated bushcrafting or survival skill. I discuss Grape Aerial Roots as cordage.

This is the safest way to break wood down for your fire.

Smooth, Rough Green Snake (Opheodrys Aestivus) Crawling in the Trees Hunting for Insects to Prey on.

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