Garden tour and MASSIVE HAUL from our prepper garden!

Join us today for a mini GARDEN TOUR of our brand new homestead and garden! These seedlings were planted five months ago indoors. They are ready for harvest as we are into late August! YAY! Watch this vlog for secret gardening tips for beginners on a budget for massive yields! We picked 60lbs of produce just this morning!

Myco Bliss Organic Mycorrhizal Fungi:
Field fencing:
Zip Ties:
Bone meal:
Blood meal:
Hand tools:
Gorilla cart:
Nice eggshells if you don’t have any:

Get ready with me as we talk seeds, plan gardens, and tend dreams. Baker Creek Heirloom seeds are in, and they are so ready to get planted! What kind of seeds did we buy? You’ll have to watch to find out!
Why did we move from our nice warm life in Florida to start a homesteading journey across the country in very cold Upstate New York?
Because our old life was bad for us.
This first vlog is the journey of moving the large family in a moving truck and a caravan of three cars waaaay up north to New York. It wasn’t easy.. but then again, nothing in life that’s worth it or good, is easy.
Share with us the journey of learning with grace.
This will be homesteading for beginners, vlog style like other homesteading channels. We will be growing food for our family, as debt free life as we can, getting ourselves out of the rat race as fast and as best we can. This means being present in our lives, in our food, in our choices for responsible permaculture and land stewardship.
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