Growing Tomatoes | Is the Tomato King of the Prepper Garden?
As preppers we spend a great deal of time planning how to see us through a variety of situations. And food is one of the important pieces of the prepping puzzle. Renewable preps are important but not always discussed as they tend to not be the most glamourous of prepping items. Enter the tomato, probably one of the most recognized and commonly grown garden plants. Tomatoes have an amazing ability to produce an enormous volume of food in a small space with reasonably little effort, and they come in a multitude of varieties each with their own unique culinary qualities. But like most preps there is skill and knowledge involved to make the most of a prep in this case a renewable one.

We hope you enjoy this video and maybe its a little thought provoking to start looking at some of the simple things as some of your best allies in your prepping efforts!

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