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If you’re faced with a larger attacker, the importance of going pre-emptive is huge. If you want to take out a bigger attacker, you need to strike first in a fight. You want to put as many odds into your favor as possible.

It might be considered a cheap shot by some, but honestly would you rather wait and be gravely injured before defending yourself? It’s best to just go pre-emptive and strike first. First though, you want to try and verbally diffuse the situation. If you’ve done everything you can and nothing seems to be working, then you strike back and defend yourself physically.

One of the most important strikes is the head butt. If you’re talking to your attacker, or if he lowers his head to speak down at you, you head butt him as quickly and strongly as possible.

Another possible hit to commit is a double palm strike. One hand will come forward, another will come on top and then you can snap the neck by moving towards your opponent. You must drive that power that is in your palms forward and strike towards the attacker’s neck, creating a lot of damage into the head area.

To continue, another strike which comes to use in this type of situation is a hammer fist. If your opponent is coming at you and you are talking to him trying to distract him, you can bring your hands up and then perform a hammer fist towards the facial area, particularly the nose.

One last possible self-defense move you can perform is an elbow strike at your opponent, right through the center line, which is a very devastating blow because it’s non-telegraphic, coming straight through the middle.

These are some of the basics and best ways to strike back against your attacker and end a fight as quickly as possible.

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