Over the last few weeks we have been building a new garden in the backyard, starting with kitchen gardens and herbs, and now, finally, recreating our Grocery Row Gardening system on a larger scale!

Join us as we plant a garden and have some fall fun. And bury a sacrifice. Here’s how to plant a grocery row garden, piece by piece. (Including some impromptu plumbing).

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Grocery Row Gardening is a permaculture gardening method developed by David The Good. It is an agroforestry garden on a backyard scale, creating a food forest under control by putting it into rows. It uses elements from Stefan Sobkowiak’s Permaculture Orchard, Andrew Millison’s edible hedges, Geoff Lawton’s food forest systems, Ernst Goetsch’s Syntropic Agriculture, Ann Ralph’s Grow a Little Fruit Tree and lots of my own innovation, creating a food garden that overflows with life. I consider it my backyard emergency food supply, as well as a place of joy and beauty.

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