A video on encoding/recoding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9YUpCf65H8

A similar notetaking technique, Cornell Notes: http://coe.jmu.edu/learningtoolbox/cornellnotes.html

Cornell Notes works in reverse, which means you take organized notes on the right and go back and write out your “cues” later.

00:00 – Topic Intro: Memory, Note Taking, Studying & Taking Tests
00:15 – Clarifying the Long Term vs Short Term Memory Misconception!
01:09 – What Working Memory Is
01:35 – Working Memory, Encoding & Recoding
02:15 – Why Note Taking Can Help
02:36 – How ADHD Can Impact Note Taking
03:09 – What Can Tend To Happen & Why It Often Doesn’t Work
03:42 – What’s A Brain To Do?
04:41 – Two Final Tips!
05:09 – Video Wrap-Up & Outro

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