I Can’t Believe This is Happening | FARMER WARNING | SHTF | Prepping
Wow, Farmers ALL over are seeing THIS!?

A warning from Farmers, all around the world we have shtf in 2022, farmers are being forced out of there land from drought to restrictions, to inflation of farm needs and all kinds
of inflation related crisis’s, Billionaires and Government and even China are buying much of American and worldwide farming land.
Preppers are some of the few people that are aware of the struggles we are seeing all around the world and with the farming crisis. As Preppers and folks who prep for SHTF
are always learning about world events, world crisis, such as Panama riots and Netherlands farm and natural gas crisis, and Europe’s growing crisis with fuel and natural gas, and now
Ireland getting new green laws joining Canada and European crisis. If you don’t think we are in a Recession yet, you will soon now that we are and have been in a recession and
Americans and farmers and preppers are feeling the cincher of the hard times, the SHTF now crisis, Netherlands will also see hard times with natural gas issues and food shortage issues
blackouts will be seen much across Europe. The time to prep now, we have more SHTF crisis every day prepping is becoming more and more important, emergency readiness should be
in everyone’s head, Emergency preparedness as a homesteader or prepper will become most important to be ready for food shortages, inflation, supply chain issues and food riots etcetera.
So please, do you and your family a favor for your safety, start prepping, Start getting ready for when SHTF hits hard. Prep now, get what you will need for even a short time,
Be somewhat ready for food and water, and heating and cooling. Have everything you will need to be ready for food and water, temperature and now power.

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Top 20 Prepping List for upcoming Shortages

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As I said this is an SHTF warning from farmers it is SHTF news for the Prepping in 2022 for the prepper, anyone that wants to be an emergency ready it is a warning from farmers it is all around the world and SHTF is happening.

Have you heard of SHTF well you’re going to know a lot about it here real soon because if you’re not prepping you’re going to see the empty shelves and the food shortages and be thinking about SHTF prepping real quick SHTF 2022 if you’re not a prepper start watching Prepping news or prepper news, farmers are in trouble even Netherlands people are prepping and Panama protests are happening we are seeing fuel subsidy and prepping for SHTF all over the world it is an SHTF prepper era and it’s time to be ready, so start prepping start prepping now if you’re new to prepping keep learning, this is a new prepper nation and it’s all about being ready for what’s to come because we see it coming, blackouts this winter, yes it’s going to happen and you need to be ready for blackouts, that means no electricity that means the electricity goes out when it’s hot or when it’s cold and you need to be ready for either one it is 2022 SHTF whether you’re a beginner prepper or an advanced prepper all this information is good prepper news for all of you to learn from and be ready and learn how to be prepared For an emergency.


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