How Did The Old-Timers of Sweden Store and Preserve Food Without Any Electricity In Their Log Cabins? Could You Build Something Using Only Simple Hand Tools To Make Some Foods Last All Year Around?

This Is Old Prepping 101 Done Truly Off Grid.

Underground The Soil Keeps a Temperature of 0° to 5°C (32° to 40° F). Instead of having a refrigerator buzzing, you can dig a root cellar under the log cabin floor and build a hatch, directly linking them together. Root Cellars keep a high humidity (90–95%) perfect for preserving root vegetables and everything canned. I grew the vegetables and pickled and canned them and more. Storing virtually any food under my log cabin floor all year around. Meat however (if not canned) is not suitable for root cellars. Next project will be how to preserve meat without electricity at the log cabin.

This video took over 7 months to make.

This has been the hardest video I have ever made and the one that I am most proud of. If you liked it share it with your friends and family. Consider Subscribing To The Channel.

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Digging: (0:00)
Stone Splitting: (2:12)
Little Companion: (10:54)
Masonry: (14:08)
Roof on Root Cellar: (20:02)
SO Much More Work Ahead: (29:15)
Hatch in the Floor: (33:05)
Ladder into Root Cellar: (37:49)
Splitting Logs Into Boards: (43:00)
Making Shelf Boards: (52:20)
Finishing Shelf Into Root Cellar: (1:00:58)
Food For Root Cellar: (1:06:56)
Celebratory Meal!: (1:13:02)

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