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Técnicas de defensa personal

In my experience, self defense is no different than first aid in its importance. It is imperative that almost every person knows basic CPR as well as basic self defense. The knowledge and training acquired by those courses could save lives, as well as one’s self. This knowledge is available to anyone.

Each and every one of us has the right to live in peace, safety and respect.

Self defense is first and foremost the ability to foresee situations that might develop into danger and being able to avoid them. The ability to identify those extreme situations and provide a swift response, be it an active response or avoiding the situation altogether, could save lives. Self defense begins with altering our behavioral patterns and evolves into a state of awareness of different scenarios, the most dangerous of which is a violent conflict. We have the ability to prevent most cases that would otherwise evolve into a disaster.

Seasonal self defense workshops are powerful in the sense that we offer many high-pressure situations in a well-controlled environment, with an emphasis on increasing awareness and removing the fear of dealing with violent situations. In real life situations it is very difficult to overcome the initial stiffness and fear of dealing with the situation. In those workshops, you work through this natural bodily response of freezing up to remove it, so that we deal with a life threatening situation in a controlled environment. It is very important that the first time we come to a life-threatening situation will not be in real life.
It is well known that perseverance and dedication are the cornerstones to achieving significant results in self defense, but we gain a great deal with every workout and every repetition.

Self defense is made out of three major parts:
• Awareness – Our ability to identify and avoid the dangerous situation before they happen.
• Technical Knowledge – A small number of easily acquired techniques that apply to many real life scenarios.
• Mental Preparation – Emotional state, controlling your aggression, and being assertive.

The right combination of all three will bear the fruits that are peace of mind and self-confidence.

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