Welcome to my gluten free pantry tour! I have a one year supply of gluten free food storage at home in my pantry. We converted a bedroom into a giant walk in pantry. With meat prices going up on 2021, I want to get as much protein on the shelf as I can! Hyperinflation is no joke and I want to make sure we thrive, not just survive. Hope you enjoy my prepper pantry tour and maybe get a little inspiration for your own pantry. It is Mr Biggs first time as a camera man too!

0:00 Come on in
0:29 Veggies
5:35 Grains and Goodies
8:53 Proteins and Pickles
11:11 Condiments & Coffee
13:51 Salt and Sugar
14:31 Comfort items
16:01 Spices and Baking
20:22 Meat in a Jar
24:59 Toilet Paper
25:17 Life is an Adventure

Welcome to Our Biggs Adventure! My name is Cynthia. Come with me as I enjoy this journey called life. I will take you along with me in the kitchen, the garden and beyond! Mr Biggs and I are empty nesters, our sons are grown and out on their own. I am100% gluten free, mostly paleo and 90% dairy free. (nobody is perfect, lol) I am in long term addiction recovery with over 12 years of sobriety.

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Disclaimer: My videos are for entertainment purposes only. I recommend that you follow the USDA guidelines for canning and food preservation. Also the Ball Blue Book for Canning is a valuable resource for all food preservation. You can purchase that book here: https://tinyurl.com/yxzmeen9

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