Metro: Last Light Redux PC |Survival Hardcore – Redemption| 100% Walkthrough 21 (The Garden) Full HD 1080p

This is a 100% walkthrough of Metro: Last Light Redux. This includes all the Diary Pages, safe boxes and all the drinking occasions too. I’m also gonna show you guys both the Redemption and C’est la Vie endings of this game. I hope you’re gonna like it. Please like the videos and share it with your friends to support the channel. You can also become a Patreon on and follow me on Twitch too



Safe Key: 03:35

Safe #18: 05:00

Diary Note #38: 09:46

Diary Note #39: 14:14


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Metro: 2033 Redux 100% Walkthrough Playlist:

Metro: Last Light Redux 100% Walkthrough Playlist:

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