#Minecraft #Log #Cabin Survival Starter House

I have always thought about making a log cabin in Minecraft but have also been a bit stumped how to go about making one. That is why I had a moment of panic when a view in my Twitch stream challenged me to make a log cabin as part of a 15 minute challenge. Using logs just makes the cabin look like a giant strip of bark, but the stripped log blocks added a few updates ago has finally made log cabin builds possible.

The challenge flew by and I felt the log cabin looked pretty good. I soon fell in love with the build and inspiration struck. I move the build into a new creative world and quickly started transforming the log cabin into a Minecraft survival starter house.

This log cabin has everything you need to get started in a Minecraft survival world while keep it pretty friendly with resources and a relatively small footprint. It even has a full enchanting setup with an anvil, smithing table and grind stone in the log cabin’s basement! I especially love the use of barrels in the cabin walls to add a lot of storage to the build.

This small log cabin has quickly become one of my most favorite Mineccraft builds ever!

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INTRO – 00:00
Time Lapse – 00:46
Build Reveal – 05:57
Interior – 08:08
Basement – 11:37
OUTRO – 12:57

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