– LDS Prepper PREMIUM Plant Micro-Nutrient Mix: https://youtu.be/GsTjsPkfuEk

– LDS Prepper Premium Plant Micro Nutrients
– Mittleider Gardening Course Book
– Heirloom Garden Seeds
– Berkey Water Filters
– Off-Grid Portable Solar Generator

– Polypropylene Baler Twine, 9,600 ft./170 lb.: https://amzn.to/3d6bWub

Vertical gardening (done right) can dramatically boost your plants health and production. Because the Mittleider gardening method does vertical gardening right by alternating plants up vertical strings and spreading the plants out at the tops, (I have never seen this done in any other gardening method) you will see great results in your plants health and production because they get more sunshine and more airflow helping plants to grow, avoid disease and improve pollination.

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