I’ve started planting my edibles about a couple months ago. The cucumbers, “Big Kahuna” beans, spinach, and the smaller lettuce were all started by seeds. The potato’s were originally store bought, but have budded and every time they break the soil, I’ll just add a few inches of “DURT” lol. The tomato, Thai basil, green onion, Citronella, and large lettuce were all bought in small 4” pots and transferred to larger pots. The Oregano was given to me by a neighbor, and also transplanted into the large pot.

2 x 55 gallon tanks house (top) 1xArowana, 2xIndonesian Datnoids. (Bottom) 1xVeil tail beta, 1xDelta beta, 3xGoldfish, 1xZebra Danio and a bunch of Opai Shrimp.

The absolute bottom “Grow area” is lit by L.E.D grow light with RED lights (for leaf growth)

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