What do you do after a nuclear event? What food is safe to eat? Can you drink the water? When will life return to a new normal?

In this video, Jay Whimpey, PE (President of The American Civil Defense Association and Utah Civil Defense Volunteers) answers these questions and shares valuable information about what to do after a nuclear event has occurred.

We strongly encourage you to prepare to protect your family today. Store at least one month of food, water, sanitation, and basic comfort supplies in your home.

You can get a free PDF of Nuclear War Survival Skills at https://ia800501.us.archive.org/35/items/NuclearWarSurvivalSkills_201405/nwss.pdf

Fallout Protection for Homes with Basements

Family Shelter Designs – Department of Defense

We strongly recommend that you purchase a hard copy of Nuclear War Survival Skills https://amzn.to/3rjVCim. There is also an updated version available https://amzn.to/3dVQvlw but it is more expensive.

You can become a member of The American Civil Defense Association at https://tacda.org/ absolutely free. I served as the editor of The Journal of Civil Defense for many years and you have free access to all of the past Journals. It is a great resource!

Digital Nuclear Radiation Detector Dosimeter https://amzn.to/3SJ6FgR There are a variety of styles and prices. I don’t have a recommendation for which of these is best.

Potassium Iodate https://tacda.org/product/potassium-iodate-kio3-170mg/

Potassium Iodide Radiation Tablets https://amzn.to/3UWq2oF

Empowering You to Prepare for an Electromagnetic Pulse – EMP

EMPowering You to Prepare for an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

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