Medicinal plants are easy to grow and are a powerful resource for natural healing. I grow medicinal herbs in my backyard and preserve them to ensure I have access to them year-round.

In this video, I’ll show you how I dry, freeze-dry, and make tinctures from medicinal herbs. Remember, I’m just a mom and grandma. If you want to learn from the experts or purchase supplies, I recommend these experts.

Claudia Orgill is a board-certified Holistic Health practitioner. You can visit Claudia’s blog at or her store Healthy Preparedness at Be sure that you use the promo code PROVIDENT for 10% off anything in her store.

Visit Dr. Patrick Jones at the Home Grown Herbalist. I highly recommend his YouTube videos.

Mountain Rose Herbs is a good place to purchase high-quality medicinal herbs

I purchased the Herbalmectin Kit from Dr. Kyle Christensen at

Check out the new slip-on garden shoes that I’m wearing in the intro. They are from Hisea and are fantastic for working in the yard. If you use the promo code PROVIDENT you can get 15% off.

Non-electric herb dryer directions

Homemade healing salve

Tips for Air Drying and Storing Culinary and Medicinal Herbs

Tips for Air Drying and Storing Culinary and Medicinal Herbs

How to Propagate, Grow, and Use Comfrey

How to Propagate, Grow and Use Comfrey

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