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When it comes to learning how to survive, when it comes to being a prepper and learning all of the survival skills it takes to be self reliant fishing is one of the emergency skills one must know.
And what comes with emergency fishing or learning the survival skill of fishing, well you need to learn how to clean a fish! Cleaning a trout is easy, so easy a kid could do it. So watching this Riverside Homestead Life video on how to clean a fish and how to store a fish and how to utilize all of the fish to help you in a survival situation is fundamental to know how to do.

You may already be a prepper and know many skills but getting a refresher course on how to clean a fish or how to gut a fish is fun to watch. you may even pick up a new shtf tip on utilizing your fish to the fullest. We teach you how to use every bit of the fish down to the head and guts that most would throw away, nope; not in a survival situation, or an emergency preparedness situation. You must learn how to us that fish to cant other fish and learn how to use that fish to catch other animals, make that fish work for you to get more food, even planting the fish head under garden plants can be done to have a good source of fertilizer for your garden plants.

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