COMPLETE GUIDE Where Best to SPEND DIAMONDS ,Troops Specialization,Fox Test Answers Tips and other Advice in game: Puzzles & Survival.Check other my videos of this game.So How do non-huawei users join this campaign?
Well than use either Android phones or an emulator on computers.
And follow these steps:

1. First: Download Huawei AppGallery from official website:

2. Create an account in AppGallery , make sure to you set your account in country/region to any of European country so that you can join the campaign and here short Video Guidance about it:

3. And then Download Puzzles & Survival from Huawei AppGallery ,and you are set to start playing game.
Check other offers in Huawei AppGallery in Promotion section.
This is one of the most attractive offers currently for game Puzzles & Survival only in Huawei AppGallery:

4. And If you already have account in game from other platform than just Link your account to Huawei AppGallery from Facebook to transfer and continue progress of your game.

5. And then if you want you can delete the game downloaded from other platform

Join AppGallery discord to ask for any support or assistance needed or if you need more explanation and help about how Huawei AppGallery and VIP Program works and to keep up with promotions and giveaways and surprises in game:

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You can play this game on every mobile devices or you can play on computer using some emulators for mobile phones and so play mobile games on computer , just type there its name: Puzzles&Survival

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