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The defense against a headbutt is crucial to learn for your personal protection. It is a devastating strike that is commonly used by dirty street fighters.

You have to be extremely careful and not let your opponent come in to close of you. If you let him in to close, you are completely vulnerable for a wicked headbutt! That strike alone can end the fight and get you seriously injured.

To avoid that, you need to bring your hands up in a passive stance and make sure that you are covered from incoming headbutts. You still need to pay close attention to possible round house punches that could also come in at any moment.

Practice the defense against a headbutt and you will feel more secure if you happen to face an aggressive person in the streets.

Always remember to be extremely cautious because a head butt can finish you off in matter of seconds.

You have to keep in mind that this strike might come in at any seconds against you if you let your guard down and your opponent to close.

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