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Episode 54: Divya Is Unhappy With Savita
Savita and Vaibhav leave the house to arrange for Rohit’s bail. Shreya has her ‘Muh Dikhai’ ceremony today, Savita asks Vaibhav to go back and asks to give a new saree to Shreya for the ceremony. Vaibhav is angry with Shreya as it was due to her Rohit being in jail. Savita looks for Divya to seek her guidance on the matter. She prays to Goddess Lakshmi to tell her some way, but Goddess Lakshmi is unhappy with her as she considers Savita’s act to be unjust and filled with attachment with Rohit. Watch the full episode now.

About Shubh Laabh – Aapkey Ghar Main:
Shubh Laabh – Aapkey Ghar mein is the story of Savita, a 45-year-old ardent Lakshmi worshipper, who is struggling to save her years old Sev shop in Ratlam. Savita believes that Lakshmi ji will help her save her shop but feels betrayed when a municipal officer comes and seals her shop. There is a saying that if you have 7 sins in the family, Laxmi will never visit your house and Savita’s house is a perfect example. Just when Savita turns her back towards Lakshmi ji, Lakshmi ji decides to turn up on earth in Human form as Divya and meet Savita. Will Savita be able to understand the true meaning of Lakshmi and accept the 7 sins in her family?

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