Sleeping in a snow cave | 3 days solo bushcraft camping challenge

Camping Himalayan range and one of the toughest terrain challengers will be sleeping in cave at the altitude of 3500 meters and build survival shelter on the snow with their bushcraft and primitive skills, to survive the night challenger has to build his shelter in the cave at around atitude of 3500 meters they also prepare fire to cook food including roasting raw potatoes and vegetables in the night and later prepare sleeping beds in the outdoors.

This video series is about 3 days solo bushcraft camping challenge.

Frequently asked questions:

1) What is this ultimate survival battle all about?
Two challengers will build their respective shelters and camps in the cave, snow, rain, thunderstorms and all types of natural climatic conditions, quality of their survival shelter and other primitive survival skills will decide the winner of this solo camping survival challenge.

2) Who all can participate as a challengers in this survival battle?
Adventurous people who are interested in Solo camping, camping outdoors, trekking, hiking, bushcraft, primitive survival, can take part in this survival challenge.

3) What places will be used to shoot this survival battle?
Your survival skills will be tested in various extreme conditions mainly in Himalayan range where you will build shelters outdoors and cooking food in the wild, camping in the winters, camping in raining thunderstorm, camping outdoor sleeping and one challenge on the last day.

4) What is the reward of winning this battle?
Winner of this battle will qualify to our ultimate survival reality show coming soon!! Also there will be reward to the winner at the end of challenge.

Solo camping India 2022

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