New to Prepping and Survival? Looking for cool Solo Camping cooking gear? Simple, lightweight, cooking kit that fits in a water bottle pouch…

Whether for your camping pack, your survival kit, your bug out bag, or your blackout / power outage kit for home, this kit makes a great additional way to cook or boil water. The whole kit packs into a 5.11 Tactical H2O pouch. Inside the Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set, (which fits into a stainless steel nesting cup,) fits one small can of Isopro butane / propane mixture fuel, the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 jet stove, and a Bic lighter. This cooking set, is supplemented by a Grayle Geopress water filter and bottle, along with a Self Reliance Outfitters millbank bag, and stainless steel water bottle with stainless steel nesting cup.

In the video you see freeze dried camping food / meals. One is made by Mountain House, and the other by Stowaway Gourmet. There are so many other options out there, but these were two that were in Kyoshi’s kit. Also, used is a UCO 3-in-1 Combo Spoon-Fork-Knife Camping Utensil.

Whatever adventure you’re chasing… camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, tailgating, etc. This kit is so easy to set up, use, clean up, and pack up. If you’re practicing some survival skills, some bug out drills, or some get home bag drills, this is for you.

Whether you’re prepping for doomsday, zombie. apocalypse, solar flare, emp, or some other catastrophe… or you’re just trying to get ahead of the next natural disaster: hurricane, blizzard, tornado, earthquake, flood, draught, heatwave, blackout, etc. It’s important to have some level of emergency preparedness or disaster preparedness plans and preps.

In this video, Kyoshi Dave Herman of Five Elements Tactical Training shares some tips on how he uses this kit, and why.

Five Elements Tactical Training focuses on Self Defense, Home Defense; firearms safety, marksmanship, and tactics, emergency and disaster preparedness, survival skills, and the Warrior Mindset… for beginners, intermediate students, and coaches and instructors alike.

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Stay safe out there, Warriors.

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