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Farming is a big part of Scrap Mechanic Survival. It gives you food to quench your hunger and thirst. It is also the first step in getting things from the Trader. This means that choosing where to build your farm is one of the most important decisions. In this video I’m going to show you the common places players build their farms. I’m also going to show you the best place to build your farm in Scrap Mechanic Survival.

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Scrap Mechanic gameplay but not with ScrapMan, Moonbo or KanGaming. This is also not Scrap Mechanic Creative or Scrap Mechanic Challenge Mode. It’s all Scrap Mechanic Survival mode. Oh and there’s also no Scrap Mechanic Markiplier or Scrap Mechanic iBallisticSquid gameplay either. I also don’t use the Suspension Glitch in Scrap Mechanic or Piston Engines.


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