Mylar bags and rice is the cheapest, most practical prepping food every prepper should have several buckets of. I provide a fast
tutorial on how to store rice for 30 + years. This is but one method that requires a few tools, the tools pay themselves off quickly in bulk purchases. If you want to use this method than you get pick up what you need below.I use the smaller mylar bags because its much easier to work with and makes more sense when you go to actually use it. SUPPORT THE CHANNEL BY GEARING UP BELOW!

Mylar Bags 10 X 14 Bags

Mylar LARGE Bags 6 Gallon Bags

Mylar LARGE HEAVY DUTY w/ Oxygen Absorbers

Foodsaver Vacuum Sealing Machine

Food buckets (Mil food grade/ not required but more protection)

Borrow Crimpers from your wife! Store in a cool dry place for greatest longevity.

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