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I would like to share with you my idea of how to apply traditional hapkido techniques in street self-defense.
These 7 hapkido tips based only on one simple hapkido technique – inside elbow strike along with circular body movement.
This video is about how to use hapkido in street self-defense. Effective hapkido techniques are very simple, just need to understand the core concepts of hapkido “yoo-won-Hwa”.
At present moment in 2020, we improved our fighting skills both for Street Self-Defense and for Fighting Sports. Starting from 2021 we will upload our new videos related to both Traditional Hapkido that I learned in South Korea and Modern Hapkido which specialized in two fields: firstly in Tactical Street Self-Defense and secondly in MMA Fighting Sport.
Please, subscribe to our YOUTube channel, If you are interested in both Traditional Hapkido and Modern Hapkido. We will do the videos related to our TRADITIONAL HAPKIDO Belt Examination Syllabus.
I started my Hapkido training in Central Asia in 1993.
Then from 2003-2012 I regularly traveled to South Korea, the USA, and Europe for instructor courses, seminars, and personal training with world-known hapkido grandmasters.
Generally, I am in martial arts since 1985 and I am teaching martial arts since 1995.
Our Traditional Hapkido syllabus formed by research and analysis of the following styles: classic Japanese Ju-Jutsu (various schools and masters), Hapkido Jungki Kwan, Hapkido KHF (various kwans), Hanminjok Hapkido, Kuk Sul Hapkido, Taekuk Hapkido, and classic Japanese Ju-Jutsu (various school and masters).
Our Tactical Hapkido Street Self-Defense curriculum formed by research and analysis of the following styles: Traditional Japanese Ju-Jutsu, Traditional Hapkido, Military Sambo (Former USSR KGB hand to hand fighting system), Krav Maga (Israeli combat and self-defense system), Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s fighting method), and Philippino Indonesian Martial Arts (both weapon and empty hand fighting arts).
As well as we constantly study the theory of personal security; the tactical approach in modern combat and self-defense; 3rd part protection tactics; basic theory, and some scientific researches on the psychology of conflict solutions in extreme situations.
Our Hapkido MMA Fusion curriculum formed by research and analysis of the following styles: Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Sambo, BJJ, Grappling, and some techniques from Hapkido modified for sport fighting. As well as we constantly study the theory of sports training, the effective methodology of teaching fighting sports, physiological adaptation to physical activity, physical recovery and rehabilitation, medicine for sports, and many other fields necessary for successful sports activity.
The style that I created – Hapkido Hoshin Moo Kwan (Hapkido Azerbaijan) based on concepts of an open mind, critical thinking, flow movement, using the force of attacker, control and submissions, specialized tactics for an individual case, the psychology of extreme situations, adrenalin stress factor, and many other aspects of modern self-defense. Hapkido Hoshin Moo Kwan officially registered and recognized by World Kido Federation and Korean Hanminjok Hapkido Association, as well as by many other international and national level martial arts organizations and communities. Some of my students participate in MMA, Kickboxing, and other full-contact combat sports. We use MMA type sparring (light and full contact) and ground grappling as a part of our training process. We also practice full contact resistance drills under stress in order to test the self-defense skills of our students and instructors. Thank you for watching us! I wish you strong health, a balanced warrior spirit, harmony in your soul, and success in your life!
With respect,
Vidadi Hajiyev
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This video “Top 7 HAPKIDO Tips for Realistic Street Self-Defense. 100% Simple & Effective. Based only on 1 Elbow Strike” created by Vidadi Hajiyev in Baku, Azerbaijan 2019.
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Top 7 HAPKIDO Tips for Realistic Street Self-Defense. 100% Simple & Effective. Based only on 1 Elbow Strike. Hapkido vs MMA.

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